Application Status

First Savings Bank issues the Blaze credit card. Find information on how to check your Blaze credit card status here. You can check the status of your Blaze credit card order online or by calling the Order Status Hotline. Many Blaze credit card applicants receive a decision within minutes. However, it may take longer if First Savings Bank needs more information or is about to get an approval or denial.Blaze-Credit-Card

After applying for the Blaze credit card, many customers want to know if their order was accepted or denied. This page explains how to check the status of your application in different ways. Let’s take a closer look at verifying your app through other options.

Modes To Check Your Blaze Credit Card Application Status

Checking Your Application Status Online

  • Visit the First Savings Bank credit card website (
  • Follow your application page.
  • Click on the “App ID” option.
  • Find your “Application Reference Number” and enter it in the corresponding field.
  • Click “Send”

The website will display the Blaze Credit Card Application status.

Check Status Of Blaze Credit Card Application By Phone Call

To check the status of your Blaze credit card order over the phone, call First Savings Bank and enter your social security number when prompted. The Blaze app’s automatic status line is available 24/7. Without access to the Internet or other online means, call Blaze credit card service. Capital’s automated telephone services are open to all of its customers. You can usually find the number on the official First Savings website (

Check Status Of Blaze Credit Card Application Through Email

  • Go to the Blaze Credit Card website. In the footer of the site, you can see the official email.
  • Enter your email address, the same one you provided in the credit card application, applicant’s name, mobile number, and application reference number in the appropriate fields.
  • Scroll down to the message field and enter your application to see the status of the Blaze credit card application, including the application reference number, PAN number, and cell phone number in the message.
  • After typing your message, enter your text in the box and click send.