Frequently Asked Questions

First Savings Bank issues Blaze credit cards. Consumers with fair credit history can apply for this card. It is available only to First Savings Bank customers. It offers those with suboptimal credit the chance to work on their credit without incurring excessive fees. The lucrative card does not require a deposit to be eligible and does not charge activation fees, monthly maintenance fees, or other expensive fees.Blaze-Credit-Card

After discussing the Blaze credit card in detail and its registration, application, benefits, features and associated fees, mobile app, customer service, Blaze card app status check, etc., we have prepared questions and answers. Your knowledge of it to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The APR On A Blaze Card?

The APR for a Blaze credit card is 29.9%.

How To Cancel Blaze’s Credit Card?

Use your Blaze Credit Card app to close this setting. Go to “Contact Us,” fill in your details, and send a message informing you that you no longer wish to use your card. You can also call customer service with a similar request for help. Major Credit Card Recommended Dodge MasterCard

How To Increase The Credit Limit?

The primary purpose of the Blaze credit card is to create credit. The card gives you a second chance to renew your closed credit history. Therefore, paying on time will quickly increase your credit limits and outline your opportunities to improve credit terms in the future.

  • The Blaze credit card reports your transactions to CRBs and makes prudent decisions to increase or decrease your limits.
  • Blaze credit card reviews indicate an ideal security chip with any card reader.

Why Do I Have To Provide Personal Data When Registering?

We will compare your information with information stored by your card issuer. It is a security measure to ensure that the cardholder is a valid cardholder. For added security, we also ask for your signature field code number to ensure you physically own the card you are registering.