Payment Options

First Savings Bank is the issuing bank for the Blaze credit card. Consumers and people with good credit can use the card in person. However, it is only available to First Savings Bank customers. The Blaze credit card offers financial assistance to people with bad credit who cannot get a premium credit card.Blaze-Credit-Card

The Blaze credit card is an asset provided by the parent company to help people with their problems. Paying with your credit card sets it apart from other credit cards. You can pay using different methods in Blaze.

Payment Options To Pay Your Blaze Credit Card Bills

Phone Payment Method

Here you can call the toll-free number, and they will help you with payment transactions. The Blaze Credit Card billing phone number is here: 866-205-8311.

Blaze Mobile App Payment Method

The Blaze mobile app gives you an option to pay your bills. After downloading the app, log in with your details. Pay your bills with the Blaze Credit Card mobile app.

Pay Online: First, you need to log into your Blaze credit card online. Now go to the payment section and select the payment amount. Enter your payment method and complete the payment.Blaze-Credit-Card-Payment

Blaze Cash Payment

Let’s say you prefer to pay your credit card bill in cash. Just find the nearest branch where you can make your cash payment by following the steps below.

  • Type or copy and paste into the address bar, and press Enter in your browser.
  • Now enter your city name or zip code in the space provided in the upper left corner of the page.
  • As you click on magnifying glass icon, you will find the nearest payment location.

Mail Payment Process

Another form of payment is by mail. You can send your payments by check/money order to the mailing address below. Please add your credit card number to your payment before submitting it.

Blaze Mastercard

PO Box 2534

Omaha, NE 68103-2534

Western Union Payment Process: Use Blaze/SD code when paying via Western Union.

Payment via MoneyGram: Use code 5879 when paying via MoneyGram.