First Savings Bank doesn’t just serve the banking needs of its customers. Founded in 1913, Beresford, South Dakota, always gave each customer personal attention. The First Savings Bank is committed to doing what is suitable for our customers this generation and the next.Blaze-Credit-Card

First Savings Bank has expanded, offering branches in South Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Nebraska, Texas, and Arizona. A federal regulatory agency oversees the functioning of First Savings Bank, offering Blaze Credit Cards. No deposit is required to obtain the Blaze MasterCard credit card issued by First Savings Bank. But you pay an annual fee.

First Savings Bank markets the Blaze Credit Card under license from Mastercard International, Inc. The credit card is convenient and easy to use for everyday shopping, shopping online, or dining out. Whenever you use your Blaze credit card, we will report your credit to significant agencies. Like Mastercard, the Blaze credit card is issued by First Savings Bank and managed by Capital Services.Blaze Credit Card (1)

If you don’t have or don’t have a credit history and don’t want a secure credit card, Blaze Mastercard might be a good option. It gives you access to an unsecured line of credit, and you can qualify for an extended line of credit in less than six months. Using the Blaze Credit Card Login Portal, you can manage your account and online activities. For example, you can read your account statement online, pay your bills online, download account activity, and receive credit limit increases by phone or text message.

Blaze is not a secure card, but it looks like it when looking at the terms, interest rates, and fees. You might be looking for a credit card with perks and other rewards, and Blaze isn’t one of them. It is beneficial to take advantage of this regardless of your credit history. Customers can use Blaze credit cards (Blaze Mastercard) anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It Helps establish a credit rating and account.